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About the Sun, Earth & Moon


The sun (Life force)

The Sun represents vital life force energy, which makes total sense. Life as we know it on this planet would not exist without the life-giving light we get from the sun. Which gates the Sun touches in our charts lets us know how, when we're living our authentic design, we're meant to shine our light in the world. In practical terms, the energy of the Sun is embodied by what we do; it's the active yang to the Earth's receptive yin.

If you pay attention to no other planetary influence in your chart, at least pay attention to the elements touched by the Sun. According to Ra Uru Hu, 70% of the neutrinos that condition our design/personality come from the Sun.  This is why our profile is determined by which gates chill out with our conscious and unconscious sun, and why our incarnation cross is determined by which gate our conscious Sun lives in. 

In traditional astrological terms, the Sun represents the archetype of the Father, and in Human Design, it is said that the Sun occupies gates and channels where we may have inherited gifts and lessons from our fathers. I know in my own chart, my dad and I both have the Channel of Struggle. We don't have our Sun in the same places, but we actually complete a couple channels together, and both of them are in my conscious  & unconscious Earth, which is significant because...


the earth (grounding & balance)

It's through our gates that work with the energy of the Earth that we bring to form the gifts and lessons we learn through the Sun. Earth energy is all about grounding and balance. The energies we get from the Sun and the Earth are always operating together, and they are opposite each other on the mandala (the super complex version of the body graph. See Beyonce's below for reference).

Just as the Sun is the Father archetype, the Earth is the Mother, the yin to the Sun's yang, and really helps to form the backbone and stabilizing force in our chart.


the moon (driving force)

 The Moon's energy moves us forward, and is the driving force in our design. Just as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun in our solar system, the Moon reflects the messages from where the Sun lands in our charts. And just as the Moon's pull impacts the tides, the Moon's pulls us away from or pushes us toward the lessons and gifts carried by the gates occupied by the Sun. 

In Astrology, the Moon represents our unconscious, innate characteristics, as does the Moon in Human Design. It's the way our inner nature is reflected out for others to see. The Moon also carries a feminine, elder daughter energy which works in concert with the Mother Earth energy to help us live out the gifts and lessons from the Sun's gates/channels

More about the Moon

SOUTH NODE OF THE MOON: Ketu (Future Direction & Environment)

The Nodes of the Moon are clearly not planets, but that doesn't mean they don't impact our charts in powerful ways. In terms of the North Node, there are two different aspects to its influence:

  • the gates that are in your conscious (black) North Node are NOT who you are, but instead how your conscious personality views itself and the world around you. 
  • the gates that are in your unconscious (red) North Node act as a frame with which to understand your relationship to the people around you and to your environment.

The energy from the North Node is all about maturing and growing with age, releasing what no longer serves us and holding onto what does. These gifts and lessons might really rise to the surface during each Full Moon, which is also all about releasing what no longer serves us. 

NORTH NODE OF THE MOON: Rahu (Past Direction & Environment)

Just as the energy of the North Node is all about growing into our future, the South Node is all about our development and experiences that brought us to who we are at present. These gates are all about youth and immaturity and during the middle of our lives, we switch from the influence of the South Nodes to that of the North Nodes. Again, the gates in our South Nodes are all about those crucial moment in our childhood, adolescence and young adulthood that shape how we view the world around us and how we view ourselves as we work toward living our design. 

About Mercury, Venus & Mars


Mercury (communication)

In mythology, Mercury is Hermes, the messenger god, and in Human Design, Mercury carries the energy of expansion and communication. In your chart, your conscious Mercury provides information about what you need in order to be heard and understood during this incarnation. The unconscious Mercury is a little more tricky, as anything in our unconscious design is so innate that we often don't see it or understand why we're expressing it until it's out there.


VENUS (values, sociology, inter-personal relationships)

 Venus governs our morals, our values and our beliefs, which in turn govern how we interact with each other and with the world around us. How we express those morals/values/beliefs comes out in how we react to the people in our lives. If we're coming from a place of ego and not of service or compassion, it negatively impacts our relationships and influences how we're treated in return.  


MARS (conflict, immaturity, energy dynamics)

There is a lot going on wherever Mars touches our charts. Mars brings this youthful but at times reckless energy to the gates and channels where it hangs out. This can mean a shedding of inhibitions but can also mean outbursts and ill-thought-out risk-taking. This Mars energy is meant to be honed and refined over time as we mature and grow, as this planet influences how we interact with others in terms of conflict and resolution as well as how we transform our lived experiences into wisdom. 

Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus


JUPITER (law, protection)

 The morals, beliefs and values that we established through Venus become laws and rules via Jupiter. Second only to the Sun (whose impact ripples into Earth, the Moon and the nodes), no other planet has as much influence over the gates and channels it touches. Jupiter is all about logic and reason, structure and law. It is through Jupiter's influence that what is correct for us (and what is not) is determined in our charts. Part of our karma and dharma during our incarnation is to learn to understand our own inner laws and navigate how best to honor and adhere to them (via our strategy and authority). When we're in alignment with our inner Jupiter, grace and ease and flow follow, and a big part of unpacking our Human Design is the task of understanding all of the gates and channels governed by Jupiter. 


SATURN (discipline, judgment, discernment)

Anywhere Saturn appears in our charts is an indication that through this gate or channel, we're going to be held accountable for the consequences of our actions. Saturn brings an energy of discipline and discernment and begs us to live up to our own values and morals. Just like a judge delivering a sentence, consequences follow when we act outside of our integrity, violating our own moral compass or personal laws.  


URANUS (unusualness, chaos & order, science)

It is via Uranus that gives expression to what makes us individual, unique and unusual. Uranus is known as the earthquake planet, and its influence shakes us out of our complacency and makes room for the new, the chaotic, the strange and the fantastic. The gates and channels that chill with Uranus push is to live our life as the bravest, most honest, unique version of ourselves.  

Neptune & Pluto


NEPTUNE (art, creativity, spirituality, illusion)

Neptune is all about surrender. It's one of the trickiest energies to pinpoint in terms of how it expresses itself in our lives. We can get clues from looking at where Neptune lives in our charts and recognizing when Not-Self behaviors (Frustration, Anger, Bitterness, and Disappointment) occur with respect to the gifts and lessons of those gates. Because Neptune is associated with spirituality, the gates and channels this planet touches can be a profoundly important teacher. 


PLUTO (truth, transformation, psychology)

 Even though Pluto has been downgraded from formal planet status, it still brings strong energy to our design. Think rebirth, metamorphosis, transformation. Pluto is all about truth as it's by looking the truth square in the eye that change is fueled. Pluto touches the truest parts of us and teaches us to find light in the darkness, hope in the shadows.