Your Unique Design



We help you to discover the beauty, creativity and potential that is unique to you.  



We help to visualize and interpret the unique gifts and essence that will bring meaning, fulfillment and authentic success to your life.  Through a unique process of co-creating this vision, we then interpret and design the blueprint for your success.



It is time.

Be who you were designed to be.

Live the life you were designed to live.

Let us help you to fulfill your beautiful potential and create the success you are capable of... 

Enjoy the Ride

Going in Circles?


Do you feel like you're stuck on a merry-go- round?  Are you trying, pushing and working harder and still don't feel like you're making any progress?

Are you angry, frustrated, bitter or  disappointed?

Ready for change?


Would you like to live with greater ease, creativity and purpose?   

Would you like to have time for the little things, and to appreciate beauty and simplicity for the first time in a long time?

Are you ready to discover your Self because you lost sight of who you are and what you love years ago?

let's begin!


While celebrating the 30th anniversary of my design business, I suddenly made the decision to restructure my business and my life.

During the process of de-conditioning from my unbalanced lifestyle, I eventually  reclaimed my personal design and redefined my own meaning of authentic success.

Was this difficult?  Yes.

Was it scary?  Yes.  

 I visualized, designed and created 

 "Live Your Design" for people who would like guidance to create their own versions of authentic success.

It is scary... I know.  

but if you feel that you are ready to transform your life and reclaim your beautiful potential.  I would love to help you to realize and experience your own authentic success.
Be who you are designed to be...

 and do what you are designed to do 

in the way you were designed to do it...

Be your beautiful & unique Self...


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